Our children's program provides opportunities for children to learn about God on Sunday mornings and at special events.

Our Mission (reason for existence): 

To establish a foundation of TRUTH in the lives of the children at EF and raise them to be disciples of Jesus Christ. 


Our Vision (how it would appear in a future successful state): 

I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth (3 John 1:4)


Our Values (how will we accomplish it & what guides us): 

Each value is a part of the foundation of TRUTH.


T: Training

 We will train up our children in the way they should go, which involves spirit-filled, Bible-based curriculum and comes alongside parents, grandparents, and/or other caregivers as allies as they seek to do the same.

R: Relationship

We will cultivate meaningful relationships with the children and help them cultivate a real relationship with God.

U: Understanding

We will impart to our children the knowledge of the Word, that they understand the ways of the Lord, their identity in Him, and so grow in stature and wisdom as Jesus did.

T: Trust

 We will teach our children what it means to trust God for everything. We will teach them to cultivate a prayer life where they learn both how to converse with God and to listen to His voice. We will teach them what it means to live a surrendered life of obedience.

We will cultivate meaningful relationships with the children and help them cultivate a real relationship with God.

H: Holiness

We will honor the sanctity of the triune God and take seriously repentance, the cross, Jesus’ sacrifice & resurrection, praise & worship, and the way in which He told us to live through the Sermon on the Mount.

Early Childhood 0-5 years old:

10:00 AM Service Time:

Ages 0-18 months:

During this season we encourage parents to utilize our Family Room, where the service is televised and their are toys and space for the littles to wiggle.

Ages 2-5: 

The children are taught and cared for by in a safe environment by our experienced volunteers.  They are given a snack during their time in class.    With this age group we make the Bible come alive for children through stories, music, crafts and activities!  We learn how God loves us!  We learn about Jesus through the old and new testament.  We want the preschoolers to understand the Bible is the word of God and that 'Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.' We want to come along side our parents as 'we train up the children in the way they should go. 

Elementary Age Classes

Our main goal in Children's ministry at Emmanuel Fellowship is to provide a firm foundation of Biblical knowledge that draws children closer into a person relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  Through caring teachers and interactive lessons, we want each child to feel welcomed, loved, and encouraged in the family of God.  We use Answers in Genesis Curriculum.

10:00 AM Sunday Morning Service- K-4th grade

Emmanuel Fellowship is a place of family and worship.  We want children to be a part of both.  We include the Elementary aged children in the Sanctuary for worship with the rest of the body of Christ.  This allows children to experience worship and see adults modeling worship together.  As our main service transitions into the sermon, we offer classes that teach biblical principals at an age appropriate level through Bible stories and curriculum.