Emmanuel Fellowship has built a strong legacy over the last 17 years. 


Because our story continues, it is our desire and duty to intentionally move forward into what God has for us in the next season of our Church.

'Legacy' is the name of our new platform for all projects such as (but not limited to) building funds, campus improvements, debt reduction, and future growth at Emmanuel Fellowship.

Enlarge the site of your tent, and stretch out the drapes of your dwellings; don't hold back.  Lengthen your tent ropes and strengthen your stakes.  To the right and to the left you will burst out, and your children will possess the nations' land and settle their desolate cities.  

Isaiah 54:2, 3 CEB

Phase 1

1. Kid's Check-In and Safety - COMPLETED

(see conceptual drawings below)

2. Security Improvements Around Campus

3. Audio / Visual System

4. Office Remodel

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